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Friday, August 21, 1987

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Quote: 'Hunter' Star Resolves Creative Dispute With Producers

LOS ANGELES - Stepfanie Kramer said Friday, she has reached "a mutual agreement" that removes a planned rape scene from an upcoming three-part episode of the NBC television series "Hunter."

Miss Kramer had threatened to walk off the successful crime drama if the producers went through with a script calling for her character, Sgt. Dee Dee McCall, to be raped a second time.

"Basically we came to a mutual agreement as to how the story should proceed," she said by

telephone from the set.  The show is going into its fourth season.

"The rape has been taken out.  The script is not going to lose any quality within the structure.  They chose a viable option for the story, for this scene.  It will still create the same sort of behavior pattern for the character.  It will be just as believable," she said.  "I'm glad we came to a meeting of the minds."

Lisa Lewinson, a spokeswoman for Stephen J. Cannell Productions, issued this statement:

"We are pleased that the dispute between Stepfanie Kramer and our company regarding the

three-part 'City of Passion' episode has been resolved. We respect the depths of Miss Kramer's feelings and have responded by making alterations in the script which satisfy her concerns and at the same time maintain the creative integrity of the piece."

Miss Kramer had complained that her character was raped in the show two seasons ago.

"This issue was important to me because my work is important to me," she said.  "I care about the show and what I do as an actress.  I care strongly about this issue.  It was purely a creative point.  It didn't involve money."

Executive producer Roy Huggins originally said he would not change the plot of the show, which is based on "City of Passion," a novel by former Los Angeles police officer Dallas Barnes.