Detroit Free Press

Sunday, June 21, 1987

Written by JERRY BUCK


Quote: "Stepfanie Kramer moved easily from the bubble-brained comedy of "We Got It Made" to the gunplay and car chases in "Hunter."

"Literally 48 hours after we finished 'We Got It Made,' I did a pilot for Stephen Cannell and NBC," she said.  "It didn't go, and a month later we did the pilot for 'Hunter.' So it worked out wonderfully."

Kramer, as Dee Dee McCall, stars with Fred Dryer, as Rick Hunter, in the NBC series about a mismatched pair of detective sergeants (10 p.m. Saturdays), which has been renewed for a fourth season.  She had no trouble going from comedy

to drama.  "I like doing both," she said.  "The most fun about 'We Got It Made' was the cast.  We got along so well.  It's the same working with Fred.  He's a great guy.  Can you imagine having to go to work every day with some jerk ?"

"Dee Dee McCall is someone who's very much like me," Kramer said.  "I'm not quite as sarcastic and I'm not quite as tough.  And, I don't run around with a gun."

"She's very independent, very assertive in a positive way.  And aggressive when she has to be.  Her relationship with Hunter is one of mutual respect.  They're partners, and they've been through a lot together.  They have affection for each other."