The Toronto Star

      Tuesday, June 24, 1986

      Written by Jim Bawden


      Quote: "Critic nibbles on tidbits with TV stars

      HOLLYWOOD - Are the stars out tonight? Dozens of them turned out to nibble on caviar canapes and corn on the cob at an NBC party around the

pool of the Century Plaza Hotel.

      While they were munching, each tried to answer my question: "How do you keep your role fresh season after season without becoming bored."  Their  responses:

·         Stepfanie Kramer (Hunter): "The fact we're back for our third season is a miracle.  This year I'd like more back story on my gal, McCall. Also, she's been tooling around with this hunk for years so why not a little hint that something might be going on?  They're both young and attractive.  If not a one-night stand, how about a week? "