Fred Dryer Is Angry: “The Academy members are a bunch of old hens!”

    Fred Dryer is angry. The reason for his bad mood: the disdain that the membership of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has toward him. They are in charge of drawing up the lists of nominations for the Emmys, the TV Oscars. “They are stupid” Fred Dryer doesn’t hesitate to say.  Neither he nor the series are nominated. In fact, “Hunter” has never been nominated in any important category! For the actor, enough is enough… “I’m a big boy” explains Fred, “I don’t need to be pampered. But I am a good actor and it’s a quality series. There has never been anyone like me on TV, and there never will be. The absence of my name on the list of the Emmy nominee has become so flagrant. It’s ridiculous!”

What’s the reason for this slight from the Academy?  Fred Dryer sees several. “First, the series is produced by Stephen J. Cannell, who also created “The A-Team” some years ago…It’s already a black mark against «Hunter»! Then, the series stars an ex football player who chases criminals with a gun in hand.  For them, it’s not a mark of quality! That’s a nonsense …” And Fred Dryer adds:     “ The Academy members are just a bunch  of old hens cackling in a farmyard! It took them 10 years to discover Ted Danson (the “Cheers” star, very popular in USA.). They don’t know a thing about it…”