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Stepfanie Kramer:  « My ranch in the Rockies »

   By leaving California for Colorado, Stepfanie Kramer has given the primacy to her personal life and chosen the best of two worlds: “It’s the place my husband and I  were dreaming of to bring up our child, Connor. It’s idyllic in summer and enchanting in winter.”  {Webmaster note… Stepfanie has a daughter Lily born in 1994.  I’m not sure what the reference to “Connor” is about.}

  She lives in an eleven room house in Aspen she decorated herself with her husband Mark Richards: “It’s an ideal place, a real idyllic spot. A big space, the peace and quiet, the pure air, a river… what more can you expect? Here, time really stops. Then, there’s the legendary hospitality and generosity of people in Colorado.”

  In 1994 that she decided to leave her native California to start her married  life. She sold her two houses in Los Angeles and Mark sold his house in Denver. “After the series “Hunter”, I really needed to get some fresh air and break away from my profession to set my priorities.  In the Rockies I have found the peaceful haven I was looking for.”

  Her career was launched by the series “Married: The First Year” in 1979 and she became popular 4 years later thanks to the sitcom “We Got it Made”, Stepfanie really burst onto the scene in the series “Hunter” in which she played detective sergeant Dee Dee McCall.  “I played this role for 7 years from 1984 to 1990. The last year was the most difficult. My character became one-dimensional whereas the character of Hunter (played by Fred Dryer) became more and more the focus. I understood it was time to turn to something else.”

   Without Stepfanie, and in spite of the two actresses who succeeded her (Darlanne Fluegel and Lauren Lane), the series couldn’t remain stable. It left the air on August30 th 1991.

   Stepfanie became an actress by accident after she was discovered by a talent agent. She initially decided on a career as a classical singer and played some major roles on stage as a mezzo-soprano before to changing gears to acting. Without leaving acting behind, today it’s her singing she assigns the greatest importance. “ I don’t want to be separated from my husband and son who is now 18 months-old.   {webmaster note: daughter Lily would have been 2 ½ at the time this article was published.  I’m still confused}.  I refuse to do programs and miniseries that are very demanding and I only accept TV movies.”

  Her house, pretty and homey, reveals her nature as a curious and cultured woman. Here, everything is beautiful and refined. The kitchen is spacious, the lounge is luminous. There are no breaks from one room to another since the simple shapes and the natural materials go well together, whatever the style is.

 As for the garden, the actress prefers let it be natural. There is a round table for breakfasts under the cherry trees full of flowers and some old chairs under a pergola more and more invaded by the wisteria.

 Stepfanie, who has just launched a third album and the drama “Full Confession”, devotes her leisure time to skiing and to equestrian endeavors. The couple has two Arabian horses, Boston and Beauty.

Photo 1: Ex-star of the series “Hunter”.  Stepfanie (Dee Dee McCall) and Fred Dryer (Rick Hunter) teamed up for 7 years.

Photo 2: “A great space, the peace and quiet, the pure air, a river…” here is the universe of Stepfanie Kramer

Photo 3: In her spare time, the actress goes horseback riding. Here with one of her horses, Boston.

 Photo 4: Recently married, Stepfanie and Mark make one of the most beautiful couples in American cinema.   

 Photo 5: The kitchen is spacious. Fond of good food, Stepfanie constantly tries new recipes.

 Photo 6: The lounge is warm and homey. Here, everything is beauty and refinement.