St. Petersburg Times

Sunday, June 25, 1989


Quote: "Stepfanie Kramer looks beyond 'Hunter'

Most people's conversation is full of half-finished sentences, half-completed thoughts and vague


Not Stepfanie Kramer's. The Hunter star speaks in crisp, complete, clearly enunciated sentences

delivered at a rapid clip. Imagine her character, Detective Dee Dee McCall, delivering a crucial

but complex piece of information to her partner, Detective Rick Hunter, 30 seconds before a

bomb is scheduled to detonate, and you will have a good idea how the real-life Kramer sounds.

She is quite happy to talk about Hunter, the popular Saturday-night NBC series in which she

co-stars with Fred Dryer, but she begs off when she is asked about TV in general. "I don't watch

television," she says.

That's funny. No TV stars watch television.

"I guess you hear that a lot," she says, "and it's my feeling that it's a smoke screen for people who

in fact are television junkies, but I, in reality, do not have time to watch television. I literally see

very little of it. To tell you the truth, I think I've only seen three or four episodes of Hunter this


For Hunter, however, she will find the time eventually. "I have all the shows on cassette," she

says, "and during this short hiatus time, I'll probably sit down and do a Hunter marathon."

It's worth her while to watch those, which she looks at with an eye for story structure and editing

rather than her own performance, since she directed a few Hunter episodes this past season and

could do more.

"If I can work it in," she says. "I'm going to be in the process of recording a lot in the studio with

my music, so I'll be very, very busy, but I should be doing a couple more this season."

Kramer seems most enthusiastic when the subject of the conversation shifts to her singing. "What

my focus is in is in my music," she says. "That's the next level of my career."

She hasn't recorded yet but plans to in the near future. "Let me just say that I'm very much

looking forward to recording, that it's been a long process, that I want all things to be perfect,

and that when I do it, it will be the exact right time for me," she says.

However, Hunter is bound to be around for a while, and Kramer still has a couple more years on

her contract. "Sometimes it feels like it's never up," she says with a laugh, "and sometimes you

get an overview of the situation and go, 'Oh, it's not that long.'"