The photos of Dee Dee McCall's first role since leaving "Hunter"

Stepfanie Kramer: "My new life"

Stepfanie will need time to make us forget her appealing character, Dee Dee McCall. No sooner had she left the show than shedecided to break away from her past role, playing a charming secretary in a comedy: "Coins in the fountain". Without disowning the past, the actress has definitively turned the page. In her villa in the San Fernando Valley, she is dreaming of new adventures today: a real acting career far from Hunter but also a comeback in singing (she has previously recorded a long playing record and she toured with a country group). And at age 34, she is ready find success in life by her ideal partner. Single life can't continue indefinitely when one is so beautiful and so courted.

Stepfanie Kramer has had enough of playing the "female cop" on TV. And it's the only reason why she left the series "Hunter". But she doesn't leave television behind. This summer she shot a TV movie comedy, a remake of a 1954 movie with Dorothy McGuire: "Three Coins in the Fountain", translated as "La fontaine des amours".

"Shooting a comedy has been a change" says Stepfanie, "after I played in a dramatic series for so many years, I wanted to show people what I'm able to do in a different register. The shooting went well. And moreover, I had fantastic co-stars."

By Stepfanie's side, indeed, we find the beautiful Loni Anderson, Burt Reynolds' wife. and Shanna Reed, from the series "The Colbys". "Coins in the Fountain" was shot in Rome and Luxembourg. "For me, it was an opportunity to discover these two superb towns, says Stepfanie Kramer. "Now I understand why Italy makes so many couples dream: Rome is a very romantic town."

The Anita Ekberg

Leah (Loni Anderson), Nicky (Stepfanie Kramer) and Bonnie (Shanna Reed) are three friends who work in the same company. Leah has never forgotten Mac Chambers, her first love, with whom she had a torrid affair twenty years ago. Nicky hasn't recovered from her divorce yet and she has a cynical attitude towards men. As for Bonnie, she has been married for years, but she is suddenly realizing she doesn't know her husband. Every year, the three friends decide to spend their vacation together. Destination: Italy. Leah is intending to relight the flame of her first love. In Rome, they each make a wish, throwing a coin in the Trevi fountain.

"The funniest thing" adds Stepfanie Kramer, "it's that the fountain, the main ingredient of the movie, isn't the Trevi fountain (this one is universally famous thanks to Anita Ekberg and "La dolce vita"). At the time of the shooting, the famous fountain was under repair!"

Her secret love

This role in "Coins in the fountain" also revives the question about her personal life. Stepfanie isn't a divorcee, she's still single. Her superb villa in the San Fernando Valley is still desperately empty. Three years ago, the actress built the house with the savings she had amassed thanks to "Hunter". It's a three bedroom and three bathroom house, not to mention a swimming pool looking over the valley. But except for some faithful friends, few frequent the idyllic residence. At the beginning of this year, American papers talked about the love affair between Stepfanie and Kirby Tepper, 32, a handsome artist (he is writing a musical comedy about the acting profession.) Kirby, with a physique that reminds one of Warren Beatty, has taken the place, inside Dee Dee's heart, of producer Robert Stenner, Fred Dryer's best friend who she had met during "Hunter". But to date, Stepfanie zealously hides her new love. "I'm never home" explains Stepfanie. "During some years, I shot from morning till night, I didn't even have time to see my flowers and trees grow. Fortunately, a friend who is a gardener, takes care of them. Since the end of "Hunter", I'm not on sets much, but I'm putting a lot into other activities."

A heart of gold

Stepfanie Kramer also intends to resume her music career, preparing a new album. Meanwhile, she devotes herself to Indian children. "I'm half Cherokee. I'd like so much for these children, who are a bit mine, to continue their studies. Life is hard In their land ravaged by extreme poverty. Thanks to an official organization, we can help them."  T he good-hearted actress has even taken a little girl from the Hopi tribe under her wing and she contributes a lot of money. "That's what life is all about" says Stepfanie, caressing her dog, Maggie, who goes with her everywhere. "Compared to this, success and popularity are unimportant trivialities."

Photo n°1
Rick Hunter's replacement in Dee Dee McCall's heart, is: Carl Weintraub, an attractive American actor. By his side, Stepfanie shot the TV movie "Coins in the fountain" in Rome. Here we can see them going down the steps of the famous Piazza di Spagna (the Spain square).

Photo n°2
Sitting at the piano in her superb residence in the San Fernando Valley, Stepfanie Kramer is dreaming about starting a great musical career again.

Photo n°3
Stepfanie Kramer in front of the Trevi fountain in Rome, which is famous thanks to Anita Ekberg and "La dolce vita". "Coins in the fountain" wasn't shot at the same place because the fountain was under repair!

Photo n°4
In the enchanting scenery of the Eternal Town, Stepfanie Kramer plays a young woman who hasn't recovered from her divorce yet. By her side: Loni Anderson (Mrs Burt Reynolds) and the young Shanna Reed.

Photo n°5
With Maggie, her faithful companion who never leaves her. "How would have I time to think about my personal happiness!"

Photo n°6
Stepfanie decorated her home, bought three years ago with the savings earned on "Hunter".

Photo n°7
The three TV stars are visiting Rome where many surprises await them: "Coins in the Fountain" is the remake of the movie "Three Coins in the Fountain" produced in 1954 by Jean Negutesco, with Dorothy McGuire, Louis Jourdan and Maggie McNamara for the main roles.

Dee Dee McCall between Rick
Hunter and her husband during
her wedding day.