Pictures from Stepfanie Kramer's Trip to China

Thanks to Ying for sharing these great photos!

Write-up by Ying

Stepfanie arrived at Shanghai HongQiao International Airport on the night of
November 8,1990 after a delay of several hours, but all the journalists were still
there waiting for her. It was MIDNIGHT when she arrived at the hotel. All the hotel staff were waiting for her outside and gave their warmest welcome. In November, it is cold
and wet in Shanghai.

She sang <<What becomes of the broken hearted>> and
<<Midnight moon>> in the opening ceremony of the
Shanghai International TV Festival. The Chinese spectators really enjoyed
her singing and people who worked with her said she was so beautiful and
she was also very kind and polite with them. All the city was crazy about
her visit. Thousands of fans wrote to the festival organisation and asked them
to tell Stepfanie how much they loved her. Some young girls cried because they
didn't get tickets to the opening ceremony. Many fans were waiting for
her quietly outside the hotel. People really hoped to see her but didn't
want to disturb her.

After 5 days' stay in Shanghai, she came to Beijing for a 1 day visit. She
arrived on the night of the 13th. The next day, she visited the Great wall and the
Palace Museum. Because it was a private visit, she just accepted a short
10 minute interview after watching the Beijing opera.

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