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Many thanks to "Anonymous"from Denmark for his unparalleled surfing skills that found a vast majority of these articles! I don't have the actual articles, so I'm putting up some Fred and Stepfanie pictures to sort of go along with the time frames of the articles. Click on the thumbnails for full sized versions of the photos.

Fred Dryer in a NY Giants Uniform
A Publicity Photo of Fred Dryer standing with arms folded
Fred Dryer holding two babies
Fred Dryer in a white tank top
A Fred Dryer publicity photo from the first year of Hunter
Fred Dryer with a beard in a Rams pose
A Fred Dryer publicity photo with gun and sunglasses
Mostly about Fred

New York Times August, 1970
(Dryer Surfaces as Defensive Star)

New York Times October, 1970
(Coach's Word for Dryer: Tremendous)

UPI (Wire) Sept 19, 1981
(Dryer, Rams At Odds Over Retirement)

Boston Globe Oct. 20, 1982
(Dryer Is Kicking Heads and Having Fun)

San Diego Union Tribune June, 1984
(Dryer Tackles TV Cop Series)

Philadelphia Daily News Aug. 1, 1984
(Dryer Identifies With Cop in 'Hunter')

The Record March 3, 1985
('Hunter' Trying To Make A Comeback)'

St. Petersburg Times Aug. 30, 1987
(Defensive End Turns "Hunter")

Houston Post July, 1988
(Ex-Athlete Tackles TV Minus Cuts)

San Diego Union-Tribune July, 1988
(Once Zany Dryer Has Serious Side)

LA Times August 19, 1988
(Fred Dryer Scores With 'Hunter')

NY Times October 27, 1988
(Hunter on the Hunted)

Philadelphia Daily News Dec, 1988
(Dryer Making the Most of Series)

St. Louis Post Dispatch Feb 1, 1989
(Vital Statistics - Fred Dryer)

Philadelphia Inquirer March 12, 1989
(Fred Dryer Wants Respect)

The Record April 7, 1989
(How a Jock Mastered the TV Business)

Toronto Star April 9, 1989
(Hard-nosed Hunter Showed 'em All)

Newsday June 22, 1989
(Fred Dryer Tackles TV)

L.A. Daily News January 9, 1989
(Dryer Likes His New Role

St. Petersberg Times Feb 26 1989 (Fred Dryer is Using Hunter to Maximize His Opportunities)

Philadelphia Daily News Dec 2 1989 ("Hunter" on Target) (Added 12/18/05)

Mostly about Stepfanie

UPI (Wire) Jan 2, 1984
(Stepfanie Kramer
Why Spell it Thus?)

Philadelphia Inquirer June 22, 1986
(Never a Dull Moment for
Stepfanie Kramer - The co-star
of Hunter Knows How to
Take Care of Herself)

Toronto Star June 24 1986
(Critic Nibbles On Tidbits With TV Stars.) I love this one! :)

Toronto Star November, 1986
(Getting All The Breaks...)

Detroit Free Press June, 1987
(Kramer Changes Roles Easily)

AP (Wire) August 21, 1987
('Hunter' Star Resolves Creative Dispute With Producers)

Miami Herald August 30, 1987
(Hunter, McCall Are Good Friends)

LA Times November, 1987
(Chatsworth Teacher Gives Students Push To Stardom)

St. Petersburg Times June, 1988
(Stepfanie Kramer Of 'Hunter' Feels Comfortable And In Control Of Her Life)

St. Petersburg Times June 25, 1989
(Stepfanie Kramer Looks Beyond Hunter)

USA Today April 30, 1990
(Kramer Quits Hunter to Sing a New Song)

Buffalo News November 23, 1994
(Baby Dee Dee)

Rocky Mt. News May 14, 1995
(Coffeebreak with Stepfanie Kramer)

Houston Chronicle March 26, 2000
(Kramer Plans Return to Acting in L.A.)

LA Times March 15 1990
(Hunter reruns Slay Dan Rather and Sitcoms)
Added 12/18/05
Not really about Stepfanie, but she's running behind in articles  :)

A cast publicity photo of We Got it Made
A candid photo of Stepfanie Kramer in a white outfit
A candit photo of Stepfanie Kramer
A publicity photo of Stepfanie Kramer from The Dogwalker
John Matuzak holding Stepfanie Kramer in one arm
Stepfanie Kramer with her child and ex-husband


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