Hunter, Fred Dryer, and Stepfanie Kramer Links

Dee Dee McCall belts out a tune in The Biggest Man in Town Rick Hunter is impressed by his partner's vocal stylings in The Biggest Man in Town

Official Sites

Fred Dryer's official Facebook page
Fred Dryer's official website
Stepfanie Kramer's official Facebook Page
Stepfanie Kramer's official website
Stephen J. Cannell's official site
Bruce Davison's official site

Fan Participation Sites

Hunter and McCall's Excellent Facebook Adventure
Stepfanie Kramer Fans Facebook Group

Sites with info about Hunter

Hunter-and-McCall Tumblr page (hilarious!)
Brasscupcake-headhunter Tumblr page
Hunter T.V. Series Facebook page
Hunterworld Facebook page
Tim's TV Showcase
Awesome 80's

Sites with Info about Fred Dryer

The PM Show with Fred Dryer
IMDB (Fred)
Fred's page on
Ten things you didn't know about Fred Dryer

Sites with info about Stepfanie Kramer
Stepfanie Kramer French Website
IMDB (Stepfanie)
Website about Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 1984 (Stepfanie was a co-host)
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 1986 (Stepfanie was a co-host again)

Sites with info about Bruce Davison

IMDB (Bruce)

Episode Guides

Hunter episode guide
Land's End Episode Guide

You Tube Channels

The Wonderful World of Hunter (fun video clips from the episodes)
whitleyfan's awesome channel with full Hunter episodes
Stepfanie Kramer's channel
Hunter Fanvids by Syn Six

Buy Hunter Memorabilia

Hollywood Book and Poster (a very good selection of Hunter photos and scripts)
Script City

Miscellaneous Hunter Links

Which Hunter Character Are You? (quiz by Joanna) (new 12/30/13)

Fred and Stepfanie love tester   :)


“Shades” site



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