Hunter Odds and Ends

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Sgt. Dee Dee McCall - Badge Number 358

Sgt. Dee Dee McCall, badge number 358
Sgt. Rick Hunter - Badge Number 89
(Fred's uniform number with the Rams) Sgt. Rick Hunter, Badge number 89

Love Interests

I'm not sure why we needed these people with the chemistry that Hunter and McCall shared.

Hunter plants one on the D.A.
Nancy Stafford
A romantic gesture from Ted Hawk
Hunter romances the town librarian
Nana Visitor
Hunter was right, David was a wimp
McCall hops in the sack with murder suspect Alex Parker
Ray Wise
Hunter just can't help himself with Angie.  McCall calls her a suspect, Hunter calls her a lead
Ada Maris
An intimate moment with McCall's soon to be dead husband, Steve
Frank Luz
Hunter plans a life together with Terri Barnes.  A sure sign of impending doom
Leigh Christian
Hunter gaffs a big one on a fishing trip
Lydia Cornell
Hunter goes for a tall blonde with bad hair and a penchant for women
Laura Johnson
The elusive Allegra Bryant
Kim Morgan Greene
McCall gives Jason a little TLC
Dack Rambo
Judge Michael Hayworth's Blind Ambition ended up being a turnoff to McCall
John Beck
Radio personality Kate Lawson wasn not who she seemed
Erin Grey
The second Alex to sweep McCall off her feet.  This one swept her right off the show.
Robert Connor Newman
Hunter and McCall‚s one night stand
Fred and Stepfanie

Skin Deep

From the Pilot.  McCall in a bubble bath can only mean that Hunter is about to break down her door. Haven't we done this before? McCall holds a conversation with Hunter while wearing a towel. A Steam bath in Case X
Undercover as a model in Case X A nice view from behind. McCall smacks Hunter with her Purse in Change Partners and Dance Hunter and McCall shake on it
What I said was... Causland wakes Hunter up in The Girl Next Door Nice jammies! Lean and mean in On Air
Couch potato in Pen Pals Conversing with McCall in Biggest Man in Town And she wants to kill him with a body like that??? Tank top in Silver Bullet

Their Cars

Season 1 Season 1 Season 1 Season 1
Season 1 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Season 4 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6

Captains and Cohorts

Michael Cavenaugh as Capt. Lester Cain (Pilot)

Arthur Rosenenberg
as Capt. Lester Cain

John Amos
as Captain Dolan

Bruce Davison
as Captain Wyler
Gary Crosby
as Smitty

Charles Hallahan as Captain Charlie Devane

James Whitmore, Jr. as Sgt. Bernie Terwilliger

John Shearin
as Lt. Ambrose Finn

Garrett Morris
as Arnold (Sporty) James

Richard Beauchamp as Carlos, the morgue guy

Dick Bakalyan as
Kenny Dunstan, Legend

Perry Cook
as Barney, the coroner

Mark Blackfield
as Simon, the morgue guy

Don Bexly as
Kirby, the shoeshine man

Shelley Taylor Morgan
as Sgt. Kitty O'Hearn

Martin E. Brooks
as Mike Snow

Kate Zentall
as A.D.A Esther Wyman

as Paulie, the snitch

Beah Richards
as Pockets

Stanley Kamel
as Agent Brad Wilkes

Harry, the Cat
as Harry Devane

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