The Sounds of "Hunter"

Sound Clips from Hunter episodes...

Stepfanie Kramer Sings!

Miscellaneous Sound Clips

Ah, the memories! Although Hunter was ignored by critics, the fans understood the appeal of the show. Partners, friends, confidants, and on one occasion a lot more, Rick Hunter and Dee Dee McCall cared about each other, and so we, the fans, cared about them, too. Browse through the links to the left for a trip down memory lane.

"A Child is Born" is an excellent example of what made these characters special.

A quiet scene from "A Child is Born"

Hunter and McCall were always there for each other

Hunter likes McCall in "A Child is Born"

A little sexual tension never hurt anyone
(or the ratings)

A subdued McCall says goodbye to the baby she hoped to adopt in "A Child is Born"

It's hard to imagine anyone else in these roles, but Cathy Lee Crosby was an early favorite to play Sgt. Dee Dee McCall.

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